S.W.I.F.T Service Bureau -
Sri Lanka.
LFSB Provides SWIFT connectivity and massaging infrastructure for interbank financial telecommunications to all potential SWIFT users in Sri Lanka and off shore.

Hours of Service and Support (to be included after 1.13, numbered as 1.14)
  • 1.14 Hours of Services is defined under 'Business Hours' and 'Operational Hours' with under mentioned scope of services and support;
    • I. Business hours: 8.30 a.m. to 5.00.p.m. Monday to Friday (subject to Public, Bank and Mercantile Holidays) Business hours means the opening and closing hours of the Corporate Head office of LFSBL at 53/1, D S Senanayake Mawatha, 1st floor, HNB Borella Branch, Colombo.8.
    • II. Operational Hours: 24HoursX365 days minus the Announced Downtime/s (ADW) published at www.lfsbl.com and www.swift.com , on an annual basis, separately for two infrastructures: SWIFT Shared Infrastructure for Connectivity (SSIC) and SWIFT Shared Infrastructure for Messaging (SSIM). SSIC consists of SWIFT applications: SAG/SNL and SSIM consists of SWIFT applications: AWP/SAA
      • i. SSIC (SAG/SNL) - 24hours X 365days - ADW at www.lfsbl.com & at www.swift.com
      • ii. SSIM(AWP/SAA) - 14 Hours (daily 0700hrs to2100hrs) exclusive of Service Downtime (2100hrs to 0700hrs) for database, event journal, daily recovery, recovery (Incremental and full recovery) of backups, messages and event journal archiving processes.
      • iii. The operational hours for SSIM could be extended under the special circumstances and/or upon requests from Users
  • 1.15 Hours of Support for SWIFT Shared Infrastructures (SSIC and SSIM)
    • I. SSIC - SAG/SNL - 24hrs X 365days
    • II. SSIM - SAA/AWP - 24hrs X 365days
  • 1.16 Response times to customer requests
    • All requests will be fulfilled under the classification and criteria outlined in LFSBL/MSP/OP3A - Standard Operating Procedure
      All other inclusions will be outlined under the clause 5: Obligations and Rights of LFSBL in the SLA, after 5.17 and will be numbered 5.17 onwards.
  • 5.18 ensure access to the contingency procedures (BCP) of SWIFT Shared Infrastructures to the Users upon an official written request, when necessary.
  • 5.19 ensure access to the list of authorized persons who are permitted to operate the SWIFT Shared Infrastructures, to the Users upon an official written request, when necessary
  • 5.20 ensure the publishing of Network availability reports of SWIFT Shared Infrastructures, of the preceding calendar month, within the 1st five (5) working days of the succeeding month to all Users at www.lfsbl.com
  • 5.21 ensure that ADWs of LFSBL and SWIFT are included in all calculations of Network availability reports of the SWIFT Shared Infrastructures.
  • 5.22 ensure that the below mentioned RTOs (Recovery Time Objective) for respective infrastructures;
    • (i) SWIFT connectivity infrastructure (SAG/SNL/HSM) - immediate on basis that it is on 4X4 redundancy,
    • a. Applicable to Users who are on their OWN SAA infrastructure, are expected to be configured with Automatic failover for available four(4) logical terminals (LT)
    • b. Applicable to Users who are on their OWN SAE infrastructure, are expected to configure the Automatic failover with available two(2) LTs, preferably one LT to the Main site of LFSBL and the other LT to the DR site of LFSBL
    • (ii) SWIFT messaging infrastructure (SAA/AWP) - immediate within the Main site and between sites optimistic RTO is four (4) hours and pessimistic RTO is six (6) hours.
  • 5.23 Ensure the continuation of regular service continuity exercises, involving all Users, in order to ascertain the level of resilience, effectiveness of disaster recovery and local fall back options on annual basis in 'pre-informed' and 'uninformed' basis with Users and service providers.
  • 5.24 Ensure access to the reports/results of the exercises defined in 5.23 to all Users upon an official written request, when necessary.
    • (iii) SWIFT messaging infrastructure (SAA/AWP) - the standards of RTO will positively be reduced with effect from 1st June 2017, to an optimistic level of less than 30 minutes and pessimistic level of 90 minutes (subject to change with final Test results of SAN), after the implantation of SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • Following requirements will be included under the clause 4: Obligations of the User in the SLA, after 4.12 and will be numbered 4.12 onwards.
  • 4.13 ensure that Dual Factor Authentication (DFA) protocol is subscribed and adhered to in accessing SWIFT Alliance Access interface. (Applicable to all Users who are connected to the Hosted SWIFT Alliance Access interface of LFSBL) This refers to clause 8.9 under Liability.
  • Following requirement will be included under the clause 8: Liability in the SLA, after 8.8 and will be numbered 8.8 onwards.
  • 8.9 Refers to clause 4.13, LFSBL is exempted from any liabilities arising, in the absence of the security protocol of DFA or non-adherence to the advice to adhere to DFA.

Notes :
  • 1. An addendum for existing SLA which has already been signed will be sent in due course to the institution for final signature.
  • 2. Please note that the purpose of the inclusion of new clauses is to officially commit the service levels, disaster recovery and provision access to critical & relevant information to all connected customers, in mandatory compliance with the SWIFT Shared Infrastructure program; SWIFT Audit 2016.
  • 3. It is mandatory that all SWIFT Shared Infrastructures should be in compliance with the standards specified by SWIFT, in order to continue to provide SWIFT services.
  • 4. Customers are invited to request the SWIFT Audit 2016 - Report from the SWIFT certification office via a written request to [email protected]
  • 5. All relevant requests either to LFSBL or SWIFT must be in written form and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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